H O W   C A N   W E   H E L P   Y O U ?

Abilene Partners is a financial management and strategic consulting firm that supports the growth and health of for-profit and non-profit businesses. We specialize in a full spectrum of financial infrastructure services from Bookkeeping to Controllership to CFO support.

We support our clients by providing insight and transparency into their financial operations, all while improving efficiency and lowering costs.

We believe with the right support and tools, every organization has the opportunity to achieve optimal financial health.


T H E   A B I L E N E   A P P R O A C H

Relationships are the key to our approach at Abilene Partners. We partner with our clients to work collaboratively on meeting their financial management goals.

Our model relies on a team approach, pairing clients with Abilene’s financial performance experts and utilizing cloud-based tools to create a stronger, cohesive ecosystem that reduces overhead costs, while providing deeper insight for company stakeholders.

We provide high-touch, low-barrier support for all levels of employees from administrative staff to program staff to executive staff.

O U R   P R O M I S E   T O   Y O U

Our company values are the same as yours:

  • Integrity in the way we we conduct business
  • Trust in our partnerships and respect for the expertise everyone brings to the table
  • Transparency in our work and never making assumptions
  • Authenticity and dependability in our interactions with you


We see you AS more thAn "just" a client, we see you as our partner.