A trusted full-service financial partner and advisor that helps nonprofit and Social Impact Organizations achieve their goals.

Non Profit and For Profit Business Solutions

Nonprofit & Social Impact Solutions

From CFO services to executive coaching, we’re here for you. We give you the attention you need in order to make a bigger impact.

Comprehensive Financial Services

Comprehensivefinancial services

Full-service, cloud-based financial services without the worry. A virtual firm with dedicated teams and specific expertise for nonprofit and nontraditional organizations.

Business Strategies


Providing long-term solutions so you can plan ahead and hit key milestones. We give you the ability to take risks and succeed.

The Abilene Team

Tech First from the Beginning

Since its inception, Abilene has always been a virtual, fully tech-forward firm – where innovation is the foundation for everything we do. From financial dashboards to cloud-based systems for budgeting, planning and strategy, Abilene uses the most cutting-edge tools that enhance our workflows. This allows us to focus on more meaningful work, and build stronger partnerships with our clients. 

About Abilene

Abilene is the trusted advisor and full-service financial partner whose deep industry knowledge and personal approach provides the highest level of service. From accounting, CFO services, and more, we’re with you every step of the way. Our mission is to help clients grow, build their capacities, and achieve their goals. Success is our main focus and getting there as a team is our top priority.

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